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We are building a world class bank, driven by Technology.
Be part of change, do impactful work everyday, in driving New Age Banking.

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IDFC FIRST Bank is a great place for Technologists
At IDFC FIRST Bank, we celebrate our people's expertise and mastery in technology design, with in-depth specialist skills and extensive experience.
At IDFC FIRST Bank, we focus on skills, and encourage our employees to work in a cross-functional environment that gives you an opportunity to learn and innovate.
At IDFC FIRST Bank, we hire based on skills, capabilities and a passion for learning. We are building a sustainable workforce with a mix of bright young talent and experts.

At IDFC FIRST Bank, we invite you to chart out your own path of professional development and pursue the opportunities that excite you the most, as you progress in your career along with the bank.

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Miss #TechNEXT_Hackathon
Ready to take on the challenge?
Join IDFC FIRST Bank, where we emerged victorious at
the Women Only Hackathon challenge. We offer mentorship,
​​​​​​​a supportive team, and exposure to top-notch technology stacks.

#CodersHub #FinTech #TechNEXT
#TechNEXT_Campus Hackathon
This open challenge Hackathon focused on the ability to understand
​​​​​​​business challenges and come up with innovative solutions.
To our surprise, several of the participants presented few out of the box
solutions that blew us away!

#CodingChallenge #JoinUs #FinTech #TechNEXT

What our Employees have to share

​​​​​​"I am part of the team who works on designing high performance by simplifying complexity and applying single responsibilities to components, replicating this simplicity across various technologies."
Enterprise Architecture Lead
Information Technology
"At IDFC FIRST Bank, we prioritize customer experience and seemless digital journey using innovation and technology. I feel proud to contribute to the bank's commitment of #AlwaysYouFirst."
Enterprise Architecture Lead
Information Technology
"My colleagues at IDFC FIRST Bank drive continuous product improvement through innovative technology, transforming the customer experience and impacting lives with faster, friendlier banking solutions."
Enterprise Architecture Lead
Information Technology
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